Azuri is a leading commercial provider of pay-as-you-go solar home systems to off-grid homes in Africa and has been working with Kazang in Zambia since 2016.The investment will help Kazang Solar deliver affordable Azuri Quad solar home lighting products to more than 7,000 off-grid customers in rural Zambia.Kazang Solar is one of only three companies to be awarded financial support from AECF REACT, funded by the UK Department for Internation Development (DFID).Winners of the funding were announced at an event in Lusaka last week by DFID Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin MP. While in Zambia, Minister Baldwin and Minister Mathew Nkhuwa, Zambia’s Energy Minister, signed the Energy Africa Compact, a partnership between the UK and Zambian governments and the private sector to support the growth of the sustainable energy sector.“We are delighted to be one of only three companies to be selected and look forward to bringing Azuri’s innovative solar technology to off-grid communities across Zambia,” said Kazang General Manager Chileshe Chilufya.


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