There are two things, total and the relative with isvara parama krishna. This is relative world. Here we cant comprehend one thing without the other. When we talk that Here is child, there must be father. When we say Here is spouse, there must be wife. When we say Here is hireling, there must be ace. When we say Here is light, there must be haziness. This is called relative world. One must be comprehended by other relative terms. However, there is a different universe, which is called supreme world. There the ace and the hireling, the same. There is no refinement. Albeit one is ace and other is worker, however the position is the same.So the Seventh Chapter of Bhagavad-gita is giving us some insight about without a doubt the world, total learning. How that learning can be accomplished, that is being talked by the Absolute, Supreme Person isvara parama krishna, is the Absolute Supreme Person.Individuals are normally disposed to consider God being close to home; somebody we should adore and be committed to. By perusing about or hearing the isvara parama krishna, one is detracted from their characteristic tendency to know and love God.


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