Denim is a staple is everyone’s wardrobe and a favourite too. None of us can really imagine our wardrobe without atleast one piece of denim in it. Be it our dark jeans or the trendy ripped ones, a girl is most comfortable in her denim. And why shouldn’t she? It is the most versatile piece of fabric that can be styled with almost anything. History of the Denim SkirtOne of the latest additions to the denim family is the denim skirt. It has quickly risen to popularity due to the ease of a skirt married with the versatility of the denim fabric. So how did the denim skirt come into being in our fashion worlds? Let’s go back in history to learn a little! 😉The denim pants were in women’s fashion since the 1940s. But the idea of a denim skirt first appeared in the 1960s. The hippies came up with the idea to recycle old denim jeans into long denim skirts. These were made to look just like the denim jeans with the front fly, belt loops, pockets and other details in place. With time, the denim skirt changed from long to short and was revamped with a lot of details such as fringes, lace, etc.


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