When you’re trying to sell your small home, no amount of dressing it up with words like “quaint” and “cozy” will disguise the cold, hard reality. When your home is small, you’ve got to address the issue, not just dance around it – sellers can tell when you’re doing so, and it definitely won’t result in a sale. There are ways to stage small homes that mask the space issues at hand, and furthermore, there are real benefits to smaller homes that you can communicate to buyers. Be upfront, be positive, and you’ll make the sale easily.The Benefits of Living SmallWhile we all may dream of having vast acres of green lawn and massive master bedrooms, the fact of the matter is that big homes equal big bills and loads of upkeep. Utility bills for heat and air conditioning alone can double with larger houses, and large lawns equal long, boiling summer afternoons with your lawnmower. Couple that with more effort to clean and more room to collect clutter, and you will begin to see the benefits of a small home.


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