Jobs, HR Advisory, Recruitment Support, Performance Management, Professional Counseling, Training n Development and much more..Our hallmark Career Help Service is aimed to provide 100% accurate and qualitative help to clients worldwide. This includes the following services:1)RESUME WRITINGYou can get this done in 3 steps:a) Email your present CV to [email protected]) Pay using Paypal or Credit/Debit card from next page.c) Review your new CV we send you n finalize it to apply for jobs.**Services start $20 onwards.2)LINKEDIN PROFILE WRITINGDid you know LinkedIn profiles these days sell faster and easier than your traditional Resumes?The reason is simple:LinkedIn provides the connectivity to employers quick and fast.LinkedIn provides you access to employers all across the world.LinkedIn’s algorithm is unique and amazing, to say the least.We help you:Rewrite a competent profile.Help you connect with professionals and employers.Train you to be on top of the race.Be the front-runner! Contact us to get a professional new LinkedIn profile!**Services start $5 USD onwards.3)PROFESSIONAL RESUME WEBSITEWe do everything from correcting your CV to creating it


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