Application for Payment FundingAs a construction contractor you may work on Application for Payment funding and want to fund it, without waiting the 60 plus days it takes the main contractor to pay you. While traditional invoice finance providers may not be able to assist the good news is that there are specialist providers that can provide cash flow finance secured against your applications for payment and we can source these on your behalf.Let’s take a look at options that are open to your business. However, it is important to understand whether you are looking to factor certified or uncertified applications for payment.Whole Turnover FactoringThere are now several companies that will look at application for payment funding. They do require the whole turnover to be notified. The prepayments on offer range from 40 – 70% of the net value of the application. They can be lower depending on what sector of the construction industry you are operating in. There are options for both certified and uncertified application however if your applications are certified it would be fair to say that more options exist for the finance.Application for payment funding today


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